Xen Technology Group is a unique audio/video integrator that incorporates proven technology with cutting edge new technologies to provide an easy to use intuitive control system.  Xen specializes in high-end audio/video systems integration, automation, lighting and shade control, structured wiring, multi-room audio and video systems, networking, media management, and video surveillance systems.  We are quick to adapt and strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.  Xen’s business has grown primarily through our continuous customer referral network achieved from a focus on complete customer satisfaction.

A common mistake with home electronics is to assume the lowest price equals the best value. This is almost never the reality. Xen’s philosophy is to deliver the best value for your hard-earned money, even when the system is not the lowest price. We can provide an objective review of any proposed system and will point out the differences so you know what you are really getting. There is no point in choosing the lowest bid and being left with a system that is too hard to use.   We will specify solutions that are appropriate for your budget and performance expectations.   With the wide variety of brands we install and with reasonable expectations we can engineer an audio video or control system to fit your budget.  Nobody likes to be oversold!

We make every effort to develop relationships with our clients and are here to be your technology consultant.   Xen’s designer is industry certified and pulls from a wealth of knowledge and over 15 years of experience but we don’t want to use complicated industry jargon when speaking with you. We understand it is not about each component that goes into the system, but what they can do for you and the end result. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like; we want you to feel absolutely comfortable with the decisions you are about to make for your home.  Xen is a full service company and provide our clients with a start to finish experience. We design, install and service all aspects of the system.  Xen also programs Crestron, RTI, ProControl, and Universal Remote Control home automation systems in-house which means fast service and no “passing the buck” to another company.  We also have the specialized skills needed to design and deploy enterprise-grade networks that are configured around you and your audio/video and home automation system’s unique needs.  We recently started assisting our clients with media management and backing up music, movies, and photos and making them available in multiple homes and systems.  We are happy to guide you through understanding your options and using things like the “cloud” to your advantage.

Xen has worked with top architects, interior designers, and general contractors to seamlessly integrate electronics into your home or business. We understand the need to design electronics and audio/video systems so they do not interfere with the décor of your home.  Our project management expertise allows us to proactively coordinate installation with many subcontractors for a more efficient installation with less change orders.

Xen is licensed, insured, and employs CEDIA certified engineers and installation professionals.  We have all become reliant on the Internet and TV for our daily lives.   We service all of our audio video systems and the same technicians that installed it have the troubleshooting skills to ensure that your system will be up and working should an issue arise.


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